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Sentient robots have been a classic science fiction trope for decades, and with the popularity of works like Her, Ex Machina, and Westworld, they're not going away anytime soon. In this panel, artificial intelligence and pop culture experts discuss famous depictions of sentient AI and their respective levels of scientific plausibility. Is Samantha from Her the logical extension of Siri and Google Home? Do we need to preemptively afford artificially intelligent robots "human" rights in order to avoid the enslavement of sentient beings? If we ever build a robot that can approximate emotion like Hal 9000 or Ava from Ex Machina, would we ever be sure that they are *feeling* emotion rather than simulating it? Join us for a discussion of all of the most fascinating questions (and most entertaining movies) about the burgeoning growth of artificial intelligence.


Will Science Fiction Become the New Reality?




A panel of experts discussed Hollywood's depiction of humans' relationship with machines and what the future looks like as the two become more intertwined. READ ON


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The New York Science Fiction Film Festival

Eschaton Films and The Philip K. DickFilm Festival would like to thank our fans and friends for the great turnout fot the the first ever, New York Science Fiction Film Festival on January 20-22, 2017. This is a further espansion of our film festival franchise and a great platform for independent Science fiction filmmakers to showcase their work. For more info, go to:

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Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival in Rotterdam.

(STRAP ENG) “UBIK Futurosity". An Intergalactic Scifi Bizarro Festival at WORM/UBIK, Rotterdam; 9-12 June 2016. Literary symposiums, film binges, poetry pop-ups, performance art, parties and music galore!'
(BODY ENG) “UBIK Futurosity". is a four day, multidisciplinary festival based the concept of Futurosity a theme that will be celebrated in the city of Rotterdam during June 2016. The 4-day programme will be held in WORM, #Wunderbar, and UBIK between 9th and 12th June, and will feature a broad spectrum events including: Phillip K Dick film binges, futuristic poetry slams, futurist balls, themed parties, and specialist lectures and readings. Confirmed names thus far are award winning American Bizarro author Kevin L Donihe, celebrated avant-garde musicians Matmos. “UBIK Futurosity. An Intergalactic Scifi Bizarro Festival" is supported by Rotterdam Viert de Stad! and The Art of Impact and organised in close collaboration with the Phillip K. Dick Film Festival, New York. WORM is supported by You, the city of Rotterdam and Mondriaan Fund.
Programme Notes
- Thursday 9th June is the grand opening of UBIK Futurosity, with the first Philip K Dick film binge, an opening speech by Martin de Haan and readings by Joost Vandecasteele and Jacques Post.
- The programme on Friday 10th June will be multidisciplinary in nature, with the second Philip K Dick film binge, readings by award-wining Bizarro author Kevin L. Donihe and Swedish poet Aase Berg, futuristic musical performances by (amongst others) Dijf Sanders, and a futurist/Sci-Fi ball; organised by innovative theatre company, Hipsick.
- The Saturday 11th June programme boasts a Noodlebar SciFi synthesizer special, a gig by Drvg Culture, and a special Philip K Dick film extravaganza; showing his works in film, from 10am till late in the night.
- Sunday 12 June sees a very special concert by legendary US avant-garde musicians, Matmos. Matmos are supported by enigmatic French avant-garde musician, High Wolf. This will follow a “How I Hate Modern Music” Sci Fi special; with music, debate and presentations.


Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival in Europe

The Philip K. Dick European Science Fiction Film Festival has been a huge successs with the two special screenings in France and Poland. The festival returned for a second event in Lille, France on October 24, 2015 at the famous L’Hybride theater for the Death in Life and the Rise of the Machine block of 14 award-winning short films. The festival then traveled to Łódź, Poland for a landmark Halloween event on October 31, 2015. Screening at the mesmerizing Kino Teatry theater, a 15-hour marathon of 38 films ran from 1pm-4am.

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An evening with Sci fi writer David Brin

Thank you all for coming to the sold out event. The evening with David lived up to its promise to be very entertaining and enlightening. Plese joi our mailing list nfor the next event or find us on Facebook.

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BREAKING NEWS..... The Philip K Dick Film Festival featured on NBC News, Tuesday, January 13th, 2015.

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IREDEA - A live sci-fi dance rock opera!


Iredea is a post-apocalyptic myth about humanity’s struggle to define a new system of values. Figures emerge from the dust of destruction and confront each other in their need to define a new culture and the founding image/text of that culture. A robotic performer and dazzling luminescent creature appear in the stark landscape, drawing viewers ever deeper into the labyrinth of Iredea’s sounds and sights, where they will remain long after leaving their seats.  Iredea is based on Philip K. Dick's Deus Irae and Chris Marker's La Jetée. It premiered in 2014 in Montreal by a group of collaboraters led by artistic director Ted Strauss and choreographer Jenn Doan.



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Panel at the 2012 Philip K Dick Film Festival. Steve