Thursday, January 14





(Welcome to The Zone)

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


The Adept

Dir: Adam Stern


9 Min.

Ben, a brilliant physicist and amateur magician, gets more than he bargains for when performing his latest card trick for Maddy, his wife and colleague.


Last Generation to Die

Dir: Tim Maupin


15 min

Set in the future when science first begins to stop aging, a daughter tries to save her father from natural death.



The Alpha Invention

Dir: Mark Towers


16 MIN

After applying an ingenious method to create artificial intelligence on his home computer, a reclusive programmer is contacted one rainy evening by a suspicious dealer looking to buy the technology. However, as the call progresses it becomes clear that neither man is who or what they claim to be.




Dir: Matt Cooper


5 min

Be carefulwho you piss off.




Dir: Youcef Mahmoudi


15 min

In a KGB bunker, the day after man landed on the Moon, a woman with psychic powers gets brainwashed to kill the head of NASA.



The Last Abduction

Dir: Frank Perrotto


15 min

The Last Abduction’ is the story of Woods Ulmann, a successful author of sci-fi and fantasy novels who believes he’s been the victim of multiple alien abductions. His obsession with obtaining proof that these extraterrestrial visitations are real cause his sanity to unravel while his marriage and his career fall apart.





Dir: Thoranna Sigurdardottir


14 min

Maria, a competitive woman in her late 30's orders a Zelos clone under the pretense of getting some help around the house so she can spend more time with her family, but more importantly to compete with her flawless friend Ari. As the story unfolds Maria's double strength blurs her sight on the important things in life. She realizes that she's purchased an unbeatable rival.




Total Running Time 89 min







(Humanity vs Technology)

8:30 pm - 11:30 pm



Caihong City - Trailer


Dir: Florina Titz

2 min

CAIHONG CITY is a science fiction fairy tale that recounts the adventures of Liu Junjie, a dying genius completing a Supertask in order to save his life, and two unlikely friends, a mentally ill prophet (Serioja) and a chronically depressed prostitute (Lavinia), who travel alongside him in order to figure out the mystery behind the glitch on Liu Junjie's Supertask.



Aero - Trailer

Dir: Arturo Vargas 


1 min

On the planet, Antea, Aero and his brothers struggle to fight off an evil universal force that seeks to end their race.


Dir: Luke Groskin


10 min

A seemingly unremarkable man spends a day taking a bizarre test at a mysterious facility. Through his day he interacts with the odd, detached employees of the facility, guiding him from section to section, obscuring the intentions or duration of the interview.



Against the Wall

Dir: David Capurso


9 min.

In a futuristic city, a man and a woman break into an abandoned hi-tech game park.



Dir: Chris Knight


14 min.

Ray's quiet farm life is interrupted when a stranger appears from the future asking for help. But when another time-traveler arrives, Ray must decide whether to protect the stranger or save himself.


Government Funded Robotics Reseach Experimenting on US Soldiers

Dir: Henry Prince


7 min

With DARPA ( and BRAIN Initiative ( funding, RKS Dynamics ( has launched the Second Soldier program, which uses experimental robotics on active duty US soldiers. 



Requiem for a Robot

Dir: Christopher Rainer


6 minutes

Rob, a worn out robot with a corrupt memory, drowns his sorrows of his 'screwed' existence in alcohol and asks himself the essential question: what did he do wrong? He needs to remember...


High Priestess

Dir: William Holden


14 min

Sasha is depressed from regret and can't seem to get out of a rut. At this point, she feels like Dr. Stas is taking advantage of her so she goes to Magick Jack for insight. But how can she be sure he's not running the same fraud?




Dir: Teddy Cecil


19 min

A sci-fi noir set in a dystopian underground city on the eve of a revolution.


Forbidden Beach

Dir: Thierry Los


7 min

Two Surfin' Robots, laid back, are at the beach waiting for the right wave. However, they are not the only ones. This action movie full of tenderness and poetry brings up the codes of surf culture in a fun and warped way.



Tap Tap Tap

Dean Philips


17 min

The life of a script reading obsessive takes a surreal and dangerous turn when an old Italian typewriter mysteriously appears in his bedroom.



The Treatment

Dir: Markus Kaatsch


6 min

"The Treatment" tells the story of isolated patient Linus. More and more a rigid routine consisting of meals, exercise, lulling music, irritating smoke and examinations by his only attachment figure Dr. Frei causes him suffering. One day Linus notices the massive door to his room has been left ajar and he takes the chance to escape. What he sees outside makes him question: Is he really who he believes he is?




Las Fieras

Dir: Alaric Rocha


11 min

Alcira is a bookworm and student of human nature through art and poetry, though rarely participating. When a curse strikes and werewolf like creatures invade the city Alcira locks herself into the University bathroom. Weeks of pure loneliness teach her the strength of human connection and in the end it is her love for others that will save her.



Will I Scatter Away

Dir: Emma Penaz Eisner


5 min

Danger threatens a man seeking himself in a dream-like landscape. Young filmmaker Emma Penaz Eisner created this award-winning, surrealistic thriller about a man's encounter with menace and desperation. With live action sequences shot in San Francisco and its surrounding locales, the film also contains experimental stop motion animation using time-lapse photography, multimedia artwork, and cut-outs. A dissonant original soundtrack punctuates the unsettling imagery. 





Dir: Zac Gillam


8 min

Drew and Hannah are feeling the strain of early parenthood when a freak, otherwordly event re-affirms their commitment to each other.





Dir: Lars Klevberg


16 min

Sarah and Linda discover an old Polaroid camera in the clearing of Sarah's house. In their own selfishness they exploit the camera, only to discover what horrible past it hides.


Total Running Time 152 min