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January 12,15,16,17th 2015


Monday, January 12, 2015

An Evening with David Hartwell - Friend and Editor of Philip K Dick

5:45 pm - 6:30 pm

Flatiron Building, New York, 14 floor


This unusual treat unofficially begins the festival on Monday June 12. David Hartwell was friend and main editor for Philip K Dick.David will share some of his experiences working with the writer. David Hartwell is a senior editor at Tor Publications and the administrator of the Philip K Dick award.



Thursday, January 15, 2015


7:00 pm to 9:30 pm

Instituto Cervantes, New York, N.Y.
211 E 49th St, New York, NY 10017

(212) 308-7720



Please visit our Friday night  and Saturday selection of International Sci-Fi at Tribeca Cinemas




Dir. Martin Rosete
( 11minutes, Spain)
I will not tell you whose voice over leads us through three extremes situations that are actually the same? Will you survive?
ALEX GARGALLO, producer of Voice Over will be present for Q@A after the show .




Dir. Michel Goosens
(16 min, Spain, Netherlands)
A woman awakes in an unfamiliar space with a man sitting beside her bed. He explains her that she has passed away and will now have to let go of her earthly identity to move on. EXIT is a surrealistic drama exploring our attachments to life, tendencies to externalize emotions during times of stress and our understanding of reality.




Dir. Zacharias & MacGregor
(22 min, Spain)
It's 2065. The entire planet is hit by the effects of climate change. One of the few places that remain habitable is Antartica where big corporations have built private cities. Hebe and Ciro get back together again. She is looking for love. He is looking for his own identity.




Dir. Daniel Romero
(14minutes, Spain)
Marta goes back to her mothers house to stay a few days with her little sister. The girls weird behavior and the latent memory of a sad event will lead Marta to suspect that the house is being haunted by an uncanny presence.




Dir. Fernandez Sanchez 
(21 minutes, Spain)
After regaining consciousness a man wakes up in a stinking mass grave full of corpses just about to become “arisen”.



Dir. Antonio Souto Fraquas
(4 minutes, Spain) 
Ramon faces a tragedy in his relationship. An audio record from a dead man will give him some clues of what really happened.




Dir. Thiery Lorenzi
(13 min. France)
Obsessed by a mysterious voice message, astronaut Meredith will face its paradoxical condition in order to stay connected to his humanity.




Dir. Didier Philippe 
(13min. France)
Claire, a young woman, lives alone in a large apartment. Her fear of the outside world stops her from going out and letting people in. One day, she discovers evidence revealing that a man lives in her home. The presence of that man becomes more and more apparent and eventually threatening.




Dir. Lee Citron
(21 minutes, US)
A lonely Martian travels to Los Angeles to start a new life and make new friends, but when faced with adversity, culture shock, and self doubt, he struggles to find the courage to stay. This film explores the immigration issue from a sci-fi angle.




Dir. Federico Telerman 
(14minutes, Argentina)
In a society where Albino people are persecuted because of the characteristics of their blood, a group of rebels will rise in arms.





Friday, January 16, 2015


7:00 pm to 9:00 pm


54 Varick Street, New York, NY 10013

(212) 941-2001


Feature Film



Nightmare Code 

Directed by Mark Netter
(89 min) 
Nightmare Code is an independent sci-fi thriller about computerized behavior recognition, behavior modification and 24/7 surveillance. It takes place in a troubled start-up where a young programmer with a troubled past of his own is brought in to finish the company's product on a tight deadline, in the wake of the murderous rampage and suicide of the previous programmer. The deeper he probes into the code, the more his own behavior changes as the code takes on a life of it's own. Utilizing surveillance camera, PC cam, videochat and eyeglasscam, for more than half the movie the viewer watches four images at once, but often out-of sync as if someone - perhaps the software program itself - is telling the story.
Q&A after the with Director Mark Netter after the movie.


(*Please keep your ticket stub or event bee receipt.That will serve you as entry to the sci-fi show on Friday night.)



Friday, January 16, 2015


7:30 pm to 9:30 pm


54 Varick Street, New York, NY 10013

(212) 941-2001





Dir. Thomas Charles
(17 min, France)
Specialists team of doctors places in quarantine a patient affected by a disease supposed to have disappeared: Love. Facing the threat, they proceed to a serial of tests on the patient to elaborate a vaccine.



Dir. Mat Owen
 (14 min, U.K.)
Valencia, an android repair man is woken by a phone call in the middle of the night and is forced to travel out to an emergency break down job. He arrives at a night club and is led down to the basement where he is confronted by a brothel hidden in the basement. The madame meets him and leads him to a malfunctioning female android that has been rewired as a prostitute, and she tells him to fix her as quickly as possible to avoid a large repair cost. Through the course of fixing the android however, Valencia's personal feelings begin to encroach on his diligent work ethic and he develops a bond and moral obligation towards the broken female android.




Dir. Winnie Cheung
(19 min, U.S.)
A directionless young man finds the love of his life, and suddenly his whole world seems to make sense. But a message from his future self warns him to stay away to avoid a lifetime of pain and misery-- will the love he's found be worth it?



A Girl, A Cat, A Bomb

Dir. Laura Maxfield
 (11 min, U.S.)
A young Brooklyn woman wakes up one morning to discover a nuclear bomb going off over Manhattan.



ROOM 731

Dir. Youngmin Kim
 (18m, U.S.) 
In this supernatural mystery, an amnesiac girl wakes up in what appears to be an abandoned jail, where she is haunted by spirits who want to torture her. Wei (YOO JUNG KIM), a fifteen-year-old Chinese girl, has no memory of where she is or who she is. Upon waking in a barred room, she encounters Dr. Ken (TIM KANG) and a ghostly young woman (NIKKI SOOHOO) who both seem to want to help her. Soon, Wei realizes she was a victim of the infamous Unit 731, the Japanese torture camp of World War 2, but where is she now … and why?
Dir. Faroukh Virani
(17 min, U.S. /INDIA) 
VIMANA is a film about three Indian astronauts who are a product of India's ambitious new deep-space program. Set in the near future, the astronauts are on a one-way trip to a distant planet, Gliese. Unfortunately, the ship's captain, Rishi, passes away after an adverse reaction to the hyper-sleep. Now it's up to the two remaining astronauts, Pankaj and Naaz, to come together and land the vessel in his memoir.




Dir. Aldo Romero
(12 min, U.S.)


A private investigator named Scatter Rodriguez uncovers the existence of the apparitions of people reported missing called "The Disappeared" while investigating a case of corporate espionage. Scatter begins to see"visions" of the enigmatic beings as he discovers the focus of his new clients interest involves alien technology.





Dir. Erin Li
(11 min, U.S.)
A woman volunteers to live in a human zoo exhibit on an alien planet but soon realizes that life is not what she expected. She attempts to rebel against the status quo, but will she succumb to her own need for security and remain a caged animal?


Dir. Vanessa Gould, Artist, Jascha Hoffman 
(5 min, U.S.)
After helping to usher in the nuclear era, a female physicist flees to China to live out her days on a Maoist farm, in this sweeping and lyrical music video edited from archival footage.


Friday, January 16, 2015


9:00 pm to 10:00 pm


54 Varick Street, New York, NY 10013

(212) 941-2001




$10 if you purchase now. $20 at the door.

Painting the Way to the Moon

Directed by Jacob Akira Okada
(54 min, US)
Painting the Way to the Moon is a feature documentary about Princeton mathematician and artist Dr. Ed Belbruno, who pioneered space travel while at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) in the 1980’s. What makes Ed’s story so unusual is that his eureka moment in science came to him while he was painting. In fact, all of Ed’s space related work is intertwined with his work in art. Ed’s ground-breaking theory — that spaceships and satellites could use the mathematics of chaos theory rather than rocket fuel to get into orbit around the Moon — was rejected by his NASA peers for being too weird. His insistence that his theory could work ultimately got Ed fired from NASA. Right before Ed left JPL, he was given the chance to prove his theory and redeem himself when the Japanese government asked him to help rescue a malfunctioning satellite called Hiten. Twenty-five years after being fired, NASA and JPL use Ed’s method of space travel to send experiments into space. This film is about how art and science share a common process and explores how creative thinking is not only for artists.
Jacob Akira Okada (Producer, Director, Camera) Jacob co-produced and shot the Emmy nominated documentary OFF AND RUNNING (dir. Nicole Opper), which premiered at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival and was broadcast nationally on PBS.
Q&A with Ed Belbruno and Jacob Okada to follow screening.
(*Please keep your ticket stub or event bee receipt.That will serve you as entry to the sci-fi show on Friday night.)



Friday, January 16, 2015


9:30 pm to 11:30 pm


54 Varick Street, New York, NY 10013

(212) 941-2001




21 Days

Directed by Kathleen Behun
(89 min.)


Three filmmakers embark on a paranormal challenge by barricading themselves in a house so haunted, no one has been able to live in more than 21 days, in order to film the supernatural phenomena which presumably occur. But nothing can prepare them for the evil that lies in wait. 
Q&A with Director Kathleen Behun after the movie.


(*Please keep your ticket stub or event bee receipt.That will serve you as entry to the sci-fi show on Friday night.)




Saturday, January 17, 2015



358 West 44th Street, New York, NY 10036

(212) 315-4743

All Day Pass



Free Admission

Perils and Profits- Independent Filmmaking in 21st century



12:00 pm -1:30 pm at the Producers Club


A distinguished panel of filmmakers and producers will discuss the challenges that independent filmmakers face as they navigate the exciting and turbulent waters of today's indie film industry; the opportunities that lie ahead and what common mistakes to avoid in making and producing  your first feature film .Some of the key themes include. Secure funding for your film, build your fan base, self distribution, and write and direct your story.
Panelists include:
Mark Netter -Director/Producer of Nightmare Code- Mark will discuss how to put together a winning team from producer to writer to cinematographer. How tobring the best in everyone when writing and directing a feature film. NIGHTMARE CODE, Mark Netter's directorial debut, was shot over seven weekends in the summer of2014 with a production budget of just $80,000. Its two years in post-production were spent building the intricatelychoreographed “surveillance quad” structure used in more than half the film,raising finishing funds including a successful Indiegogo campaign, and creatingthe over 600 individual visual effects.  Some of the VFX are obvious to the viewer,like the ROPER behavior recognition interface and the hard-rocking end creditsequence, but most are invisibly woven into the unique fabric of the movie.
Kathleen Behun- Writer/Director and Co-Producer of the supernatural thriller, 21 Days.This is Kathleen's first feature film. Prior to 21 DAYS, she was an award-winning writer/director/producer of short films. She has had several feature spec scripts optioned by major Hollywood companies, which include Academy Award-winning producer, Irwin Winkler's company, WINKLER FILMS. Kathleen will discuss the importance of narrative and how to shoot a great film on a shoe-string budget There will be members from PARANORMAL SOCIETIES and PARANORMAL PURSUIT that will be attending.
Stephanie Bell Producer for Inverse. Stephanie has over 15 years of experience in production, business and legal affairs, and finance, working for Interscope Communications, Paramount Pictures, and Franchise Pictures. While at these companies, Stephanie worked on films such as "What Dreams May Come", "Pitch Black", "Mission Impossible II", "Rules Of Engagement", "Bringing Out The Dead", "The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow", "The Whole Nine Yards", "Driven", and "3000 Miles To Graceland", among others. Stephanie's short films, including "TAG," "Robbie's Withdrawal," and "Written By," have won awards in festivals throughout the country, and numerous of her short films have screened in national and international festivals. Her short, "The Winged Man," was named one of the top ten films of the Comi-Con's 2009 Festival. In addition, as a producer for the web series, "Man Vs.", her webisode, "Man vs. Dragon" has been featured on Comedy Central, and, also winning awards, honors and prizes, including a distribution contract with Atom Films.Stephanie will cover creative methods of self distribution.




1:30 pm - 3:00 pm



Dir. Jason Markowitz 

(8 min, U S A) 

Trapped inside a bunker, a father tries desperately to help his son, who suffers from a lack of friend.




Dir. Peter LaSala, Christopher Ventura
(11min, U S A) 

John travels through time to save his failing blind date with Kim.




Dir. Dustin Lee
(23min, U S A) 

Dr. Alex Grissom, an astronomy professor, is working in his observatory late one night with his assistant Rachel. While studying a constellation, they notice that several stars have disappeared through their viewfinder. Tension begins to mount as other observatories and even NASA confirm the mysterious phenomenon, and Alex and Rachel struggle to discover the cause behind it all.




Dir. Michel Goosens
(4 min, Spain)
Conceptual short film finding expression for the the diversity of personalities that form our complex self, and the uber-Ego dominating all.




Dir. by Edmond Deraedt
(5 min, U S A) 
The Sun has been dead for countless generations and thus Earth as well. A woman returns in a vessel to visit the dead planet and she contemplates unexplained memories she has of the living earth. The memories appear to give her comfort and motivation. She carries this motivation in to the hydroponics chamber of her vessel where she admires the vegetation. Toward the end of the film she considers the only solid artifact she has from the time when Earth was alive.



Dir. Keaton Smith
(30 min, U S A) 

In attempt to cure Christopher Jenkins of mental illness, a pair of psychiatrists use a machine to extract images from his mind. 





3:00 pm - 5:00 pm





Dir.  John Butler
(2min, United Kingdom) 

The Terminal Node is a version of the rebel broadcast from John Carpenter's “They Live”.
A synthetic female voice cold calls to reveal that our planet has been taken over by an artificial life form, Finance Capital.




Dir. Stephen Parkhurst
(16min, U S A) 
A journalist travels deep into the north woods to investigate a mysterious government facility that's being built there. She interviews a local conspiracy theorist who's convinced the facility is a front for a sinister secret project. The man appears crazy, until some compelling evidence begins to surface.




Dir. Scott Danzig
(13min, U S A) 

Imagine a world engulfed in clinical depression. Julia, a rare exception, is rudely awakened to the horrors around her.





Dir. Alessandro Bricoli
(23 min, U S A) 

Ignorenatus Alius is a short science fiction film set in the near future of 2039. Mankind is on the brink of true interstellar travel, and about to spread its reach further than it ever has before. Living in seclusion deep in mountains, a husband takes care of his terminally ill wife, holding onto the last shreds of a dying love. Something unseen and unknowable festers inside her mind.




Dir. Gavin Williams
(15min, United Kingdom) 

In the near future a young woman becomes a sleepworker: her body is programmed to do menial labour while she is asleep. However, she starts to suffer disturbing side effects and embarks upon a dangerous journey to uncover what sleepworkers are really being made to do while unconscious.




Dir. Anthony Willis
(21min, United Kingdom) 

Based on a short story written by JG Ballard in 1956, Escapement is a sharp, witty and intricately devised short film about what happens when something truly inconceivable happens - The timing mechanism of the universe seems to be skipping, or is it?



The Fischer Case

Dir. Etienne Gravrand
 (21min, Canada) 


As Carl Fischer finds himself the object of pointed fingers, a mysterious star witness diffuses an eerie feeling suggesting Carl’s guilt. Interrogator, psychiatrist and lawyer are all immersed and push Carl for a confession. The more he defends himself - fruitlessly - the quicker he realizes that he and his interviewees are not in the same state of mind.



I wish my  life

Dir.  Joachim Huveneers
(15min, Belgium) 

I wish my life' tells the science fiction story about a beautiful young lady Sara (26).She lives together with an old man Skybo (68).. Weekly her progress is monitored by two mysterious men.


Artificio Conceal

Dir. Ayoub Qanir 

(18min, U S A) 
Artificio Conceal is the story of a man who awakens in an Interpol interrogation room to find his mind 'hacked', his memories replaced and his identity lost. As the engineer of the world's most precise Quantum Logic clock, he must discover who hacked his nervous system and stole the device responsible for time itself. His quest to identify the perpetrator leads him through time and space to a thrilling conclusion that even he could never have envisaged.



Serpent Dreams

(23min, U S A) 
Dir. by William Hart

Maria, a theoretical physics graduate student, and Helen a studying neurologist become involved after recruited by a professor for a secret experiment. The Professor guides them in building a machine that allows dreams to be viewed in real time. With the aid of a drug cocktail; Helen and Maria switch off lucid dreaming and analyzing the others' dreams in real time. Their goal; complete physics experiments that would only be possible within their unstable dream realms. Helen and Maria go against the professors instructions as his true motives become questionable. But Maria becomes obsessed with the procedure and wants to take it to dangerous levels, while Helen is wary of their professor.







5:00 pm - 7:00 pm







Dir. by Christopher Garetano
Montauk Chronicles is the story of three men who claim they were brainwashed and forced against their will by a clandestine organization to take part in secret experiments. Evil atrocities are said to have occurred deep beneath the surface of the Camp Hero Air Force base in Montauk Long Island.

Alfred Bielek, Stewart Swerdlow, And Preston Nichols all tell tales of experiments that were conducted on nearly one hundred thousand people over the course of about ten years. Kidnappings, murder, torture, time travel, mind control, and extra terrestrial contact are all said to have occurred at Camp Hero.
Christopher Garetano will he holding a Q&A with Lee Speigel (Huffington Post) and Mr. James Bruce is confirmed -A Montauk  survivor. More guests to come.







5:00 pm to 6:00 pm



Dir. Andy Green
(15min, United Kingdom) 

A short horror film about a British Commando raid into that finds an ancient evil in the crypts and tunnels of Occupied France. Mixing action with a sense of creeping horror, 'Vomica' is a homage to the great American writer H P Lovecraft.




Dir. Lauren Morrison
(4 min, U S A) 

By referencing the human body and the absurdity of high society manners, Viscera examines the disconnect between food and source, rich and poor, and the intentional ignorance that allows exploitation to flourish.





Dir. Kristen Swinkels
(7 min, Canada) 

In the nightmarish short, Beth attempts suicide only to find herself in a hallucinatory world, first confronting her own shadowy side in Umbra. She must overcome Umbra and face the painful memory of her mother's death in order to escape from the depths of her subconscious.







6:00 - 7:30 pm





Dir. by Chris Alexander
75 minutes
Stylish, expressionistic Chris Alexander's  follow up to Blood for Irina,chronicles the vampire emerging from the river in a rural community, vampire Irina (Shauna Henry) begins laying waste to those around her in an attempt to claim an unborn child as her own. On her trail is an unethical vampire slayer (played by Skinny Puppy’s Nivek Ogre).This film is a minimalist, slow burning, vampire yarn that owes more to Michael Snow, Andy Warhol, and Ingmar Bergman than the Cravens and Carpenters of the horror world. Unnerving with a touch of sc-fi. Chris Alexander, Director/Editor of Fangoria Magazine will introduce the film alond with Actress Carrie Gemmell.



Saturday, January 17, 2015


7:30 pm to 9:30 pm


358 West 44th Street, New York, NY 10036

(212) 315-4743





Dir. Brett Ryan Bonowicz
( 98 minutes, U.S.)
A look at the personal, professional, and social consequences that arise when a geneticist creates a website that pairs an individual with their ideal genetic partner for children.



Saturday, January 17, 2015


9:30 pm to 11:30 pm


358 West 44th Street, New York, NY 10036

(212) 315-4743





Dir. James Fotopolos
( 103 minutes, U.S. )
Lamb is a troubled veteran and his girlfriend, M, is tormented as well. When he’s not working as a security guard in an old warehouse with other unstable vets, Lamb haunts a nightclub frequented by wounded and traumatized ex-soldiers. There he meets a one-armed vet, Thrill, who starts a strange story about the effects of his post-traumatic stress, which unsettles Lamb. While walking though a forest, Lamb discovers a humanoid carcass and hides it in his basement. At the club he meets an older woman and begins an affair. Soon otherworldly events start to occur and his girlfriend is attacked inside their apartment by mysterious beings. In the middle of the night the older woman comes over traumatized. She believes she was brought to an underground compound in the forest inhabited by creatures similar to the one Lamb discovered. She insists these aliens are waiting for a signal to attack. Lamb and M build a truck bomb to destroy the compound before it’s too late. As they drive it to the nuclear power plant the story Thrill told seems about to end.




Saturday, January 17, 2015


11:30 pm to 1:30 am


358 West 44th Street, New York, NY 10036

(212) 315-4743


Suicide or Lulu and Me in a World Made for Two 

(105m, U S A) 
dir. by Christian Carroll
sub. by Christian Carroll
“Suicide or Lulu and Me in a World Made for Two” is a black comedy, science fiction film. It is the story of a young man named Jorge who has created two inventions: a camera, named Pandora’s Camera, that has the ability to duplicate and preserve reality, and a pair of glasses that can inject memories into the viewer's mind. Using Pandora’s Camera Jorge attempts to capture and preserve a perfect moment of happiness between him and his lover. The film however is told through the eyes of his lover, Louise, who through the course of the story begins to question the true nature of their relationship.



Sunday, January 18, 2015


4:00 - 6:00 pm

54 Varick Street, New York, NY 10013

(212) 941-2001





INVERSE (100 min.)

Directed by Matt Duggan
A man bursts into consciousness, disoriented and confused. As he tries to regain his memory, he discovers a mind-blowing truth: he is from a parallel universe. Overcome with forbidden desire, he has broken a sacred rule of law and now must struggle to repair the damaged lives of those he loves before a dangerous government agency destroys them.

6:00 pm

Awards Ceremony



Congratulations to the winners of the

2015 Philip K. Dick Film Festival


Best Sci-Fi Dramatic Feature - Inverse - Dir. Matt Dugan

Best Supernatural Feature - 21 Days - Dir. Kathleen Behun

Best Philip K. Dick Feature- Nightmare Code - Dir. Mark Netter


Best sci-fi short - Turn On- Dir. Matt Owen

Best Web Series - The Disappeared - Dir. Aldo Romero

Best horror/supernatural short - Vomica - Dir. Andy Green


Best Trailer The Spaceship - Dir. Eric Norcross

Best Latino, African American and People of Color Short- Similo - Dir. Zacharias & MacGregor

Best Philip K.Dick short- Audience Award - The Fischer Case - Dir .Etienne Gravrand

Best Feature Documentary / Singularity and Beyond - The Montauk Chronicles Dir. Chris Garetano

Best Documentary - Painting the Way to the Moon - Dir. Jacob Akira Okada






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