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December 6, 7, 8th 2013


The Pod

6:40 - 7:00 PM

Director: Eric Pennycoff

An astronaut is confronted by a speaking nebula while trapped inside his malfunctioned space pod. As Eugene is pulled towards the center of this blinding light, he experiences streams of involuntary memory that give an identity to this cosmic force.



The First Day

7:00 - 7:13 PM

Director: Nicholas Zafonte

A captive patient wakes in a mysterious, white room and is diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder that causes chronic deja vu, but suspects his doctors may not be telling him the whole truth.



7:14 - 7:22 PM

Director: Don Schechter

In the future, the discovery that some people are able to ascend to an after life, creates a corrupt dystopia.


The Compositor

7:23 - 7:53 PM

Director: John Mattiuzzi

THE COMPOSITOR is an autobiographical sci-fi fantasy film that follows Paul Paxton, a slave artist working 

in the visual effects film industry, who begins to question his own existence, and the realities that he is forced to 

create. These questions lead him to anger, and that anger, quickly to rage. With little hope and nothing to 

lose, Paul rages war against the very same system he is sworn to uphold, in a desperate attempt to free 

himself from the suffocating grip of physical and psychological slavery. 


The Crystal Crypt

7:54 - 8:23 PM

Director: Shahab Zargari 

The Crystal Crypt is a short film based on the science fiction short story by Philip K. Dick that was first published in the January 1954 edition of Planet Stories magazine.


Promised Land  

8:24 - 8:44 PM

Director: Joe Turner Lin

Three generations of reckless and unsustainable development have transformed the future environment into an almost total wasteland. Refugees from the future have found a way to return to the past, but the impact on present-day resources and fear of these 'immigrants' has led to the formation of citizen watch groups, who are determined to stop these time-travelers at any cost.


Cybelle Horizon

8:44 - 8:52 PM

Director: Rachel Reichert

Half fashion film, half sci-fi narrative, CyBelle Horizon follows the stream of consciousness of a cyborg girl in the near future. The short film features all of the clothes from Rachael Reichert's 2013 fashion collection, including the much praised Fiber Optic Corset Dress. This glimpse into a stylish future explores consequences of society's obsession with technology.


Dead Star

8:52 - 9:01 PM

Director: Brandon Wright

A reckless mercenary, Harrison, finds a lost little girl, Panala, who's from a distant planet. Harrison soon realizes she has acquired a power that not only makes her a danger to him but to the entire universe.



9:01 - 9:16 PM

Director: Cidney Hue

Mission specialist Shannon Wendell spends one last night in New York City with a stranger before she embarks on a 135 year long journey to the distant planet of Gliese 581g, or Odessa.

Luv U

9:16 - 9:21 PM

Director: Ben Garchar

A spaceman tries to save a woman from Earth's imminent destruction.



9:21 - 9:36 PM

Director: Shanti Takur

Scientists discover that the farther you are from earth, the slower time passes and therefore, the longer you'll live. A surreal satire on class in New York City, the film follows 21 different characters' race to be a "sky-person" - the elite one percent who live above the 13th floor.



9:36 - 9:51 PM

Director: Shanti Takur

In a magical world where memory lasts only a few hours, James learns how to recognize the only thing he really needs to know. Red Tulips won Best Narrative Film at the Columbus International Film Festival, and has screened at LA Shortsfest, Mill Valley Festival, Athens International Film Festival and the St. Louis International Film Festival.



9:55 - 11:27 PM Buy Tickets

Director: Larry Fessenden

When a group of young friends commemorating their high school graduation take a trip to the remote Black Lake, their celebration turns into a nightmare with the sudden appearance of a bloodthirsty, underwater predator. Stuck in a leaking boat with no oars, the teens face the ultimate test of friendship.




11:30 - 1:00 AM Buy Tickets

Director: Adam Ciancio

Ash is a kind of psychic, who can communicate with extraterrestrials through visions that come into his mind without warning. This had lead to the disintegration of his body and mind, as well as an inability to maintain healthy relationships with friends and lovers, who think he is a drug addict. 


Saturday, December 7th


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7:00 - 7:11 PM

Director: Efren Ramirez

A person makes himself at home for a nice weekend (inspiration drawn from 'A Day With the Boys' Palme d'Or Nominee Cannes 1970, starring a young John Gulager) Produced by Efren Ramirez (Napoleon Dynamite, Crank 1 & 2, Casa de mi Padre)


7:11 - 7:20 PM

Director: Jeff Brown

Jennifer returns from a trip to find her roommate in their apartment, unconscious. After reviving her, it becomes apparent that something is occurring inside their home. 


The Session

7:20 - 7:52 PM

Director: Rick Craft

The Session is an examination of our mental framework and plays with viewer expectations to elicit a shocking response. The story revolves around a young woman during a taped discussion with her therapist. As they talk, it becomes increasingly clear that their relationship goes beyond that of a simple Doctor-Patient connection and Kristina may have finally been pushed passed her breaking point.


Environmental Pressures and Species Adaptation

7:25 - 7:36 PM

Director: Jihyun Park

The theory of evolution by natural selection states that the members of a species best adapted to their environment survive and thrive. But what if your environment is a Korean city overrun with the living dead?


Hide and Seek  

7:36 - 7:52 PM

Director: Kayoko Asakura

Agirl visits a house to take a Koto lesson. (Koto is a traditional Japanese stringed musical instrument.)
She sees a teacher and her son, they play 'HIDE and SEEK'. And Koto lesson starts, a teacher's behavior becomes odd.


Khoon Ltd

7:52 - 8:10 PM

Director: Rahul Desai

Two vampires- at the opposite end of the spectrum with different habits and beliefs- try to blend into a new Indian city and its environment. Khoon Ltd. is a tale of struggle for identity, survival and their most important conflict- feeding. 



8:20 - 8:35 PM

Director: Suite Zao Wang

A hotel in Beijing, China, forgets to feed its monstrous and angry guest from America. But one brave Chinese woman from the staff stands out to tame the beast.... But little does she know that the American guest is not what he appears to be at all.



8:35 - 10:15 PM Buy Tickets

Directors: Levi"Dabeedo" Peretic and Dan Kinem

It's a passion project made by true lovers of the format hoping to capture why VHS holds such a special place in so many different people's hearts. Featuring interviews with Lloyd Kaufman, Tony Timpone, Sam Sherman, Gary Cohen, Fred Vogel, Keith Crocker, Earl Kess, Matt Moore, Louis Justin, among countless other people who help shape VHS collecting culture!



10:15 - 11:45 PM Buy Tickets

Director: Éric Falardeau 

A young woman discovers to her horror that she is rotting from the insideout. Horror becomes seduction in this strange tale of erotic transformation.


Sunday, December 8th


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5:45 - 6:00 PM

Director: Eolan Power


Contacts is set in a not too distant future, in which social networking and web browsing have become integrated directly into our eyeballs. It follows a disconnected young man's attempt to find a real connection in an intrinsically networked world, and his ill advised, and 'cloud enabled', efforts to overcome any obstacles that may stand in his way.




6:00 - 6:09 PM

Director: JS Mayank

In a world where time flows backwards, an old man eagerly awaits meeting his wife for the first time as she comes to life, while his 7-year of granddaughter contemplates her upcoming mortality.



6:10 -6:20 PM

Director: Michel Goosens

In the short film EXIT, A woman awakes in an unfamiliar space with a man sitting beside her bed. He explains her that she has passed away and will now have to let go of her earthly identity to move on. EXIT is a surrealistic drama exploring our attachments to life, tendencies to externalize emotions during times of stress and our understanding of reality.


Karon ( Rail Car)

6:20 - 6:40 PM

Directors: Itai Edry, Erez Avni

8 people take a normal every day train ride. When a big white flash occurs, they realize that nothing is normal anymore. they will have to face strange disturbing phenomena and even worse than that - to face each other.



6:40 - 7:30 PM

Director: Victor Gorbachev

Sergey Krugov works at the Research Center for Personality Reconstruction. His job is to modify people's fates by changing their past. But can he make them truly happy? And can he find his own happiness?



7:10-7:34 pm

Director: Benjamin Ross Hayden 

A Trans-human odyssey of a digital entitys escape from a digital world.


All of Me

7:34 - 7:44 PM

Director: Susan Koenen

The documentary of a young woman who can see ghosts. Is this
real? You be the judge


9 Minutes

7:44 - 7:53 PM

PJ Wolff dir.

John is in the midst of rehabbing his remote desert home, all alone except for his beloved dog, Jett. Over the course of a day strange things begin to occur culminating in a night that will affect the two of them forever.


Inside the Mind of the Alchemist Kirk  

7:53 - 7:58 PM

Director: Zamieroski

Ancient alchemists tirelessly sought after the power of the Philosophers' Stone - a substance that could turn any base metal into pure gold. Considering the consequences of such an ability falling into the wrong hands, they documented their work almost exclusively in coded texts and images. Many remain undecipherable, but inside them lay the secrets of alchemical quests for gold, eternal life, and a whole score of other bizarre anecdotes of mythic proportion. Luckily for the history of science, we have brilliant minds like Larry Principe who digs deep into the rich, secret history of alchemical discovery and recreates ancient experiments in his Johns Hopkins University laboratory. Historian of alchemy of get-rich-quick schemer in search of the legendary Philosopher's stone? You decide.



7:58 - 8:26 PM

Director: David Conte

Escape is a short psychological thriller centered on a man who has prepared for the worst, and now has to deal with it. It's a character study that explores the psyche of a man who finds himself inside of his perfectly safe shelter after surviving a catastrophe, and the journey he goes through as he begins to remember what brought him there in the first place.

The Astronomer

8:36 - 8:31 PM

Director: Philip Garrett

The Astronomer' is an experimental/mash-up documentary that speaks to humanity's connection to the universe, the notion that we humans are the self-aware part of the universe, and our need to reconnect with and to understand our existence and place in the grand scheme of the cosmos. The film features excerpts from an interview with Professor Tom Burns of Ohio Wesleyan University and Director of Perkins Observatory.

Son of Man

8:31 - 8:55 PM

Director: Janek Ambros

Allied medic, rumored to be Jesus Christ, gets into a philosophical debate with a Catholic-Nazi in Ustasha occupied Croatia during WW2.



8:55 - 9:00 PM

Director: Ettoro Biondo dir.

In a city where its dwellers live in the shadow of a huge garbage tower, a man writes a letter to his lover, who ran away looking for a place where no compromise had to be done.


The Final Equation

9:00 - 10:15 PM Buy Tickets

Director: Daniel Abella

Jack Smith while discovering Einsteins Unified Field Theory unwittingly opens the doorway to parallel universes that soon threaten to destroy everything.



10:15 - 10:30 PM

Dramatic Competition  -   Son of Man   Dir by Janek Ambros

Best Web Series/Trailer  - Dead Star    Dir by Brandon Wright

Best Science Fiction Feature - Vessel Dir by Adam Ciancio

Best  Science Fiction Short  -   Emit   Dir by JS Mayank

Best The Singularity, The Eschaton and Beyond - Karon   Dir by Directors: Itai Edry, Erez Avni

Best Horror/ Supernatural Short - Territorial Dir by Santiago Tapia and Jessica Curtright, Efren Ramirez- Producer

Best Horror / Supernatural Feature –Thanatomorphose  Dir by Eric Falardeau 

Best Philip K Dick Short – The Crystal Crypt Dir by Zhahab Zargari

Best Documentary –Adjust Your Tracking – Dir by Levi Peretic and Dan Kinem 





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